Dj Seanski's Edge of The City Project

by Afrihooop

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released May 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Afrihooop Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain

If you really believe in what you're doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another. Never give up. Afrika Ayora #1 African Hip Hop Web Manager

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Track Name: Audible Braile Entertainement - Episode #1 - South Africa/Lesotho - The Lost Verse - Edge of the City (Produced by DJ Seanski)
The Lost Verse - Edge Of The City Lyrics
Verse 1 - Tha Bwoi Lee
(You Knead To Know)
Give me beats give something I can write to (yes),
Don't resist if its something you can fight to (no),
Yo I can relate to that (why?) 'coz I'm currently perfectly conditioned for a title (haaa),
Arrogant flow thinking was it spiteful? (what?),
That green kush giving me the higher right to (what),
Pay zero percent of attention when I aim causing damage like a rifle (brrraaa),
Plus the bars stay sharper than a knife too (you knead to know), Straightjacket in the booth going psycho (haaa),
Breathe a life into a mic what I might do (yea),
So if this life is a vicious cycle I'm the type who turn it into a recital, Neutralize the industry and all her vitals,
I'm the sign that they focus all their sight to,
Impossible to encrypt me or decipher
You Knead To Know remember what you knew,
Tha Bwoi Lee
Repeat the old forget about the new,
Burning bushes so the voice of God come through,
Tha Bwoi Lee
Back when black men were Israel the Hebrew,
Huh? Remember what you knew?
Tha Bwoi Lee
Forget about the lies remembering the truth,
That black people were Israel the Hebrew
Verse 2 - Kemmykals
(You Knead To Know)
Nothing's been the same since the chasing of fame,
Spent money made change regurgitating the pain from iron,
Now it changed to diamonds they're changed in,
Forgetting my names forgetting my language,
Gave them civilization now they're begging for peace from,
Easter Islands to Mountains in Zion,
Great Zimbabwe to Thebes everybody knew me,
Started out kings and queens now they're liars and thieves,
Wrote symbols in temples so everybody could preach,
Now cymbals and tempos help me reside in the beat,
Cooking something for your ears my scriptures you need,
'Coz destiny is a destination you might struggle to reach,
Focused on how it was instead of how it should be,
Gave you knowledge and dreams so your brain can adapt,
What you lack?
Give you rain so your body can feed,
But you building time machines 'coz say you wanna go back
Track Name: De 0 Al Cielo Studios - Episode #3 - Euskadi - @Morfema @Thor_GKR - Edge of the City (Produced by DJ Seanski)
La Poética :)

Malestar general
y a la vez generar
es innecesario es inmoral inmolación de ruidos

Paranoia tengo fobia
una otalgia que me mata
la simbiosos del diptongo
en un tumulto sordo
de palabras que me estallan en la cara
preceptiva literaria inspirada y elevada
la elocuencia en la conciencia
la Poética es mi ciencia

Un ditirambo de belleza y yambo
una tragedia una comedia una elegía un canto
con versos yámbicos tretrámetros y trímetros
analogía melopeya y llanto
La dicáctica que enseña lo risible
ya que es parte d elo feo
y en efecto es un defecto
lo posible inverosimil lo imposible verosimil
Aristóteles y Homero

La tragedia agnición peripecia invectivas encomios
hexámetros odas y silvas y nomos
serventesios cuartetos tercetos sonetos
diversamente y no del mismo modo

Anacreóntica ligera y delicada
y dedicada a Virgilio Aristófanes Dante y Platón
la citarística la aulética la lírica
los cantos fálicos la imitación

Proyectar sarcomas de prudencia en un tumulto de malignidad
la quintaesencia la vulgaridad
oda quimérica declive conocido
colegido memorado potenciado unificado
estudiados emistiquios sincretismos consonantes y asonantes

Que homónimo que
que de que
quedaté te querré
erre que erre que perra de que
de quejarse dejarse quebrar en las frases que rompen hiatos
y estallan quiasos quiasmos que estallan e hiatos

Y respiro ipso facto y gano el asalto

el asfalto resuena en mis metros y puedo romperme
en palabras y arpegios

@Morfema2014 #Nicolas_Sanchez